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Reviews of "Child of Aetos"

Historical Novel Society

Child of Aetos is the story of James Stanley, seventh Earl of Derby and supporter of King Charles during the seventeenth-century English Civil Wars, as told by Paul Morrow, his secretary. The story begins with the execution of the Earl as a traitor for bearing arms for Charles Stuart against Parliament in 1651. The story then moves back in time to 1625 when Paul joined the household of the sixth Earl of Derby as a young man. Saunderson then gently leads us forward from 1625 to the culmination on the Isle of Man in 1651 where Paul fulfills Jamesí dying wish. Throughout are interwoven the life and concerns of James and Paul as they try to do what they believe is right, sometimes even at the expense of their own families.
    The narrator, Paul, is a fictional character, but James Stanley was the seventh Earl of Derby and loyal to Charles Stuart. James was committed to maintaining stability in his counties as had his father William before him. At a time when Catholicism was banned in England, he counted Catholic lords amongst his supporters, leading to strained relations with other Royalist leaders. His wife Lady Charlotte was a strong figure in the story who held Lathom House as the last Royalist stronghold in Lancashire when besieged by Parliamentarian troops. Saunderson shows a fine knowledge of seventeenth-century English history.
    Saunderson has created a well-written and accurate picture of seventeenth-century England. It speaks to the loyalty and courage of the Earl of Derby for King Charles in the face of great personal sacrifice. An engaging story, recommended. -- Debra Spidal


Northern Echo review by Steve Craggs

FOLLOWING the execution of James Stanley, the seventh Earl of Derby, his secretary Paul Morrow is on the run, seeking to escape the Roundheads and a guilty conscience over his masterís death.

During his reflections he retraces some of the major events of the Civil War while also trying to fathom the true circumstances surrounding the execution. This fresh look at one of the most tumultuous periods in English history by Darlington author Saunderson has excitement, authenticity and not a little style.


Here is the text from the back cover. 

ďI am called away, and this is the last I shall write to you. The Lord my God bless you, and guard you from all evil!  So prays your father at this time, whose sorrow is inexorable to part with Mall, Neddy, and Billy. Remember!  DERBY."               
The final letter of the Earl of Derby to his youngest children, written before his execution in 1651.  Civil war, religious division, a state trial and execution of a 'war criminal', and the ultimate human sacrifice.  All seen through the eyes of Paul Morrow, during the English Civil Wars in seventeenth century England.

Paul is escaping following the execution of the Earl of Derby.  He hides a secret about his master's death and feels responsible.  Is he fully to blame for the death, or do other people have deeper motives?



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